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Coronary Artery Disease


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Coronary artery disease (CAD) is the number one cause of death globally, and numbers are rising.1 Healthcare providers need holistic solutions to help them improve diagnostic accuracy, enable effective risk stratification and triage, and support image-guided minimally invasive therapies. Siemens Healthineers has a comprehensive array of multimodality technologies, cardiac biomarkers, a connected digital strategy, and the market foresight to bring cardiology into the future. The unique strengths of our holistic coronary artery disease portfolio help care providers make confident diagnostic decisions on coronary artery disease and get patients on the right pathway – fast. Our clear roadmap is designed to transform care delivery for patients with coronary artery disease.


Frank, a 50-year-old athletic man, went for a cardio checkup at the request of a friend. Watch his story and learn how his friend saved him from suffering a heart attack.


Tap into the potential

Proven non-invasive testing in risk stratification can prevent unnecessary invasive procedures in coronary artery disease. We are optimizing the patient pathway with a unique portfolio of multimodality imaging and therapy solutions. Our innovations at the point of care and in robotics expand the opportunities improve precision along the patient pathway. Our technologies and digital competence help strengthen interdisciplinary teams for faster care management decisions that can lead to improved clinical outcomes.


of diagnostic  angiographies show no relevant coronary lesions2

Don't miss a beat

Fast, AI-powered decisions can speed up patient triage and diagnosis. With our broad Cardiology portfolio, we provide non-invasive diagnostic solutions with the potential to prevent unnecessary invasive procedures. Our wide range of intuitive applications and modalities can help manage your growing workload. Speed up workflows, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes in coronary artery disease with optimal image quality, reliability, and connectivity.


Step into the future

Connecting patient data is the key to making confident diagnostic decisions. As digitalization transforms cardiology, agile partners with a clear strategy and a connected portfolio are essential. Siemens Healthineers has the digital expertise to help you transform to alleviate staff shortages, increase quality, and heighten productivity. Our teamplay digital health platform is one of our connecting elements that opens up possibilities in holistic decision making. Seamless upgrades and lower TCO means you can step into the future with ease on a strong foundation for growth. 


of patients want personalized communication helping to manage their disease4

Achieving operational excellence in cardiac care

We can offer enduring, performance-oriented partnerships. Our all-in-one solution supports your entire cardiovascular care department - beyond technology provision - towards best-in-class operational excellence. Our Value Partnerships help you increase enterprise-wide value in order to meet both your immediate and your future goals.



Cardiology Portugal Evora Cath Lab

Customer Success Story: Hospital do Espírito Santo de Évora, Portugal
Hospital Espírito Santo de Évora (HESE) is the primary inpatient care facility in Alentejo, the largest region in the country. Alentejo is very rural, and the population consists largely of elderly individuals. The main cause of death is cardiovascular disease. To better respond to the needs of the local population, HESE partnered with Siemens Healthineers to implement two integrated solutions: 

客户成功案例:医院做Espírito Santo de Évora,葡萄牙

Espírito Santo de Évora医院(HESE)是该国最大地区阿连特茹的主要住院护理机构。阿连特茹非常偏远,人口主要由老年人组成。死亡的主要原因是心血管疾病。为了更好地满足当地人群的需求,HESE与西门子医疗合作,实施了两个集成解决方案:

1. The modernization of the cardiac catheterization laboratory (cath lab), as well as the addition of a new cath lab. 
2. The development of a telehealth program for remote care management to serve patients with cardio vascular conditions before and after interventions.

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1. 现代化的心导管实验室(导管室),以及增加了一个新的导管室。

2. 开发用于远程护理管理的远程保健计划,为干预前后患有心血管疾病的患者提供服务。



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