Structural Heart Disease


Manage complex and challenging structural heart patients – efficiently


Perfect overview: Seeing the whole picture is essential when treating patients with structural heart disease. Opt for clear image quality that can assist accurate diagnostic assessments for precise device placements in every patient. Have real-time multimodality information in one view. And benefit from partially automated or semi-automated therapy guidance e.g. syngo Aortic Valve Guidance. Empowered by our integrated cardiovascular solutions.



Fusion imaging with syngo TrueFusion significantly reduced procedure time by 33% and the amount of contrast medium by 30% in patients undergoing LAAC.3

在接受laac的患者中,syngo TrueFusion融合成像显著缩短了33%的手术时间和30%的造影剂用量

Ole de Backer Heart Center – Rigshospitalet Copenhagen, Denmark