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SOMATOM Drive迎接新的医疗发展趋势,搭载最新人工智能技术

“智炫” 快速工作流一站式图像采集,轻松实现急重症患者成像

“智见” 高效解剖学直接可视化解析,助力日常大通量患者诊断

“5G元宇宙” 直通业内专家,培养优质影像人才的摇篮

“To support the accomplishment of ‘Healthy China 2030’ and to help realize China’s 14th Five-Year Plan in terms of healthcare, we will continuously strive to maximize clinical benefits, and positively impact patient well-being with our cutting-edge technologies. ”

—— Head of SHS Global CT Marketing & Sales Miranda Rasenberg


——西门子医疗系统有限公司影像诊断系统副总裁 黄毅


——上海西门子医疗器械有限公司总经理 孔军 博士

“Our clear goal was to understand the specific needs of our customers. And after years of listening and observing, we can say that our awareness of Chinese customers’ requirements in the field of high-end CT’s clinical applications and operations has grown mature. ”

——SHS Global Product Marketing Manager Anna May

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